Why step outside to feel the breeze?
Valley Wind Technology provides a safe and natural breeze from the comforts of your home or office

Profile Description

Steve, Founder of windamp, wanted to feel the breeze of the forest between the buildings of the big city. So for three years we did research and development in order to bring that cool valley breeze into your home. Not only that, but we were able to amplify the air around you to bring more wind to our users.

A new way to cool you down on those hot summer nights
Next Generation Fan Technology


Windamps 4 internal propellers (top, bottom, left, right) spin simultaneously creating a single wind stream. Even without blades, Windamp generates a generous amount of wind that you’ll feel and notice the difference when compared to traditional fans.


Air amplifying technology maximizes not only airflow but also user safety and energy efficiency. The unique valley air flow is generated by two or four cross fans facing in opposite directions.

In addition, Windamp was developed with the earth’s environment in mind. If you were to apply the amount of energy a traditional fan uses and apply it to Windamp, you could plant 4464 cypress plants in a year!

In 1 year, Windamp emits less than half the amount of carbon dioxide than a traditional fan.

“Where less electricity meets cool natural breeze”


By windamp’s technology, users can enjoy comfortable, natural wind-like conditions with less energy. Compared with existing fans, our next generation fan engenders effective air blowing at a greater distance. Blades are not exposed, so it minimizes the risk of accidents.

Windamp’s comfort, practicality, eco-friendliness, and design will please anyone who uses it.

Windamp’s unique square design with its high gloss Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) construction brings about the next level of portable fan design. Will fit anywhere you desire while matching with your home’s decor.

  • Simple mechanical fans are dangerous for children
  • Traditional mechanical fan blades collect a lot of dust which can be unsanitary for use and dirties the airflow
  • Traditional mechanical fans are designed poorly and do not accent your interior decor at all
  • Windamp takes care of all these issues while also adding to your interior decor

Touch user interface is located on top of the fan (power, oscillation, timer, wind volume) for easy access.

Windamp has an 8 hour timer as well as 8 different fan levels for you to control. For optimum sleep conditions and high air flow control, use Windamp’s 8 wind volume control levels.

An LED indicator easily notifies you of the current operating status of Windamp.


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