What is Serchii? Learn How Your Small Business Can Still Be Fiercely Successful At Just A Fraction Of The Cost

We all start somewhere, whether it was Mark Zuckerberg with “Facesmash” or Bill Gates with “Microsoft” when he started it in his garage. Although great ideas usually turn into successful small businesses, having the financial stability to reach your goals early on can be taxing and to the naked eye sometimes nearly impossible. That’s how many companies end up going out of business. A small business needs a reliable, credible, and cost efficient way of reaching their buyer personas, which is why the team at Creative Powerhouse created a company called Serchii. This article will dissect not only what Serchii is and how it’s exactly what your new business needs, but will highlight how not having enough money in the beginning does not, in any way, mean the end of your business. That is, if you take the proper steps.

What is Serchii?


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Most of the information about Serchii, including an informative graph, can be found under the “About Serchii” tab on our website, but for the purpose of this article the information can be found below.

Serchii is an all new internet community and marketplace. With a simple to use interface and free hosting, you can create an online store that sells your product or services for you. Serchii includes basic landing page options including text and photos as well as more powerful functionality like video hosting and digital coupon capabilities. Through Serchii’s community features you can attract clients searching for similar businesses as well as run promotions and deals platform-wide. You can even add extra features to your package like social media updates and posts, blogs, differentiated advertisements, etc. Serchii allows you to put your internet presence in the hands of professionals and lets you get back to doing what you do best.

As mentioned earlier in the article, there is an informative graph on our website that shows the competitive advantage Serchii has as opposed to some of its competitors like Angie’s List and Yelp. As you can see form looking at the graph, Serchii is the only service provider that comes bundled with e-commerce, blogs, events, maps, directory, coupons, direct messages, reviews, google analytics, and is multilingual. Seems pretty unique right? But a normal website can do a lot of these things already, so why not just use a normal website? One word: money.

I started a new business, but money is tight:



As the article started, we all start somewhere, and here at Serchii we know how intense those first few years of starting a business can be, let alone the first few months, and we want money to be the furthest stressor from your mind. A website complete with all the amenities Serchii has can be very expensive and time consuming, and though is a necessity later on down the line, having a cheaper alternative in the beginning phase can allow you to shift finances to other parts of the business while still attracting your target audience and meeting your monthly targets. Serchii allows you to still have a domain (that you do not have to pay for) where you can sell and list your product and you don’t have to worry about other expenses like hosting, maintenance, and promotions either. Serchii does all of that for you, and does so effectively.

Serchii already has many customers ranging from LAB Accounting and Exam Plus to Playbill Candle and Toy Super Magnets that have achieved incredible results through using our services. If you would like to learn more about Serchii, ask any questions, or set up a free consultation to talk about your company, its goals, and how Serchii can help you achieve them, then please refer to the “Contact Us” portion of our website and send us a message. Alternatively, you can also call or email us and all of that information can also be found in the “Contact Us” portion of the site.

Don’t let another day go by that you’re not providing your business with peak performance at an affordable cost, contact us today!

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