About Serchii

Serchii is an all new internet community and marketplace. With a simple to use interface and free hosting, you can create an online store that sells your product or services for you. Serchii includes basic landing page options including text and photos as well as more powerful functionality like video hosting and digital coupon capabilities. Through Serchii’s community features you can attract clients searching for similar businesses as well as run promotions and deals platform-wide. Serchii allows you to put your internet presence in the hands of professionals and lets you get back to doing what you do best.




With more than 3 billion internet users across the world, a demand for online purchasing is in the rise due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Serchii’s e-commerce helps entrepreneurs & creative individuals to expose and sell their products or services through an user friendly platform with global reach.



e Influence people and create a worldwide network by blogging about your brand, products, special talents and related topics. Here’s a tip: express yourself constantly and it will become more likely to be found on popular search engines. More traffic = more sales. Grab that keyboard now!


Hosting a special event? Focus on the creative process and write down all the details. Serchii will take care of the rest with its easy-to-use online ticketing system. If you need further assistance, just give us a call and our customer service team will be happy to help.


GEO Location

Where in the world are you? Mark your spot on the map to reach potential clients nearby or people with similar interests.


Photo Gallery

Reveal your top food plate, bridal makeup or event decor. Options are endless! We strongly recommend using visually attractive high-resolution pictures that truly represent your work quality.



Businesses are organized according to their specialty and products so no one will get lost in the crowd. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to advertise your company within clients who are looking for specific services.



No coding needed. Drive sales and attract new customers by offering discounts or special deals directly from your profile.


Lead Generation

 Serchii connects business owners and clients with its integrated encrypted messaging tool. Open the conversation today and learn about your customer needs and interests.



What does people say about your brand? Find out how your company can improve and build a positive relationship with customers by listening to them.


Google Analytics

 Discovering who’s your target can be quite challenging. By integrating Google Analytics to our platform, business owners will have a clear view of their audience, enabling them to create appealing content or offer new services in demand.



Expand your business into a global scale with our support to more than 50 languages. Sign up for a free trial and explore what Serchii can do for you!

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